About Vesting Gym

My name is Sacha van Hilst.

I am 49 years old, married to Marie Joseé Joore van Hilst and together we have 2 children, Romy and Maxime. Formed by many years of sports- and work experiences I can offer you a wide range of training methods. These experiences along with my private life as husband and father have shaped me to the personal trainer/ coach who I am today. I have been a personal trainer since 1995, mainly in the Amsterdam and Gooi area.


My past as a Dutch (top) athete has influenced my style of coaching greatly. I have practised track and field athletics at national level, competed at international level with the Dutch bobsleigh team, and practiste various self-defence sports at amateur level. I've worked with several (inter) national topcoaches through my career. The coach I still work with is Els van Noorduijn, my former athletics coach.


The study Physiotherapie at Utrecht has given me much insight into how a human body works and can be influenced by training. Physical strain versus physical capacity is always my starting point for a training program. In 1996, during my last internship at Overvecht Hospital in Utrecht, I worked as a trainee physiotherapist for the KNVB( Dutch Footbal Association) in Zeist. I worked during that period with several football players like Marc Overmars. I then also went on tour with national youth teams. Since 1997 I am no longer registered as a physiotherapist.


Since 1998, I have continously developed myself in various management positions in the fitness industry, from clubmanager in Amsterdam to operations director for a chain of eight clubs Clubsportive.
In this I have challenge myself to combine my sport- and businessexperience. An important coach here for me is Jaap( Jack) Purmer, my confident for years.

Personal Training& Coaching

Offering Personal Training & Coaching in my vieuw is based on the fact that the costumer needs to be mapped through a comprehensive intake. In addition, Personal Training & Caoching will go further than being just a training course. The first step is the free introduction through a comprehensive intake, after which a perzonalised program or a minimum of three months will be developed. Perseverance coupled with a clear target are the themes on which Ibuild Personal Training & Coaching. As a result, a large part of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

I would appreciate your trust and aim to deliver you the best service in the fitness industry. In the exclusive gym at the Naarden Vesting, we can build an effective training program. We will work on a one on one folowing your requirements to reach the desired result(s).
Feel free to make a first appointment, possibly linked to an innitial training.